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Essay about immoral relationships

Is a relationship between a much older person and a younger one immoral?
In our last history lesson we talked about ideal conditions in a relationship. We asked ourselves what kinds of contacts between some people were accepted from the population and which not. As an example we spoke about Christian von Boetticher. He has got a relationship with a sixteen-year-old girl. This is completely legal if this kind of contact is voluntary and if it is not a relationship of dependence. Mr. Boetticher was at this time an unmarried single man why there was not even a cheated woman. This subject shows general problems. On the one hand the society is asking if it is real love. Do they both have advantages from this contact? Or does one of them just have fatherly feelings or a proector´s instinct? Is the younger one just in love with the older one´s money and independence? On the other hand everybody should be able to love the one who is the one for him. The age of somebody should not decide about his girl-/ boyfriend. The decision should be depend on the compatibility between the people. I am asking myself what the society is believing. Are they really think that the morality of a relationship is higher if the age difference is smaller? There are so many bad behaviors which were accepted from the population. Do the people convict Mr. Boetticher innocen? Is our society just sensation-seeking? Do the people need political scandals to forget their own problems? This is my impression. People have had enough of their daily routine so they need little dramas from the celebrities to see that their lives are also not perfect. But what should paparazzi do if his boss is asking him for new stories and he has not got enough? He invents some stories to keep his boss in a good mood. That explains why legal relationships which are just not quite normal were treated like dirt. My personal opinion is that if they both really think that they love each other they should be a happy couple of love and not a victim of the bored population.

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