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My first diary

Today is Sunday again. The weather is so beautiful but the question is, what shall I do today? It´s pretty boring just to be at home. On the other side, there is nothing new here in Flensburg. Especially when all the shops are closed, you can´t really do much here! I think the people here also don´t have many ideas about what to do. Most of them just stay at home, do the long walk, go by bike and nothing more and it´s like this every week!


lakkhana [Tb: Mein Tag ohne Schule] - 23.05.2005 08:46
Woher weißt du, dass ich aus Thailand komme? :) Ja, Ich bin eine thailändische Frau. Ich bin hier in Deutschland aber noch nicht sehr lang. In Thailand ist alles anderes. I habe mich an etwas hier noch nicht gewohnt. Ich gehe jeden Tag zur schule aber bald ist meine schule zu ende. Das ist schade!

Blue eye - 22.05.2005 15:19
Oh,yes, I know something like that(excuse for my mistakes in this text)!!!

You are really -äh- out Thailand???
Tomorrow school started again-shit!!!

So godbey,
yours Blue eye:-)

Mibell [Tb: Mein Traum] - 22.05.2005 12:29
why don´t you stay with your friends maybe in a café?

kittybabe [Tb: ~ Taste. ~] - 22.05.2005 12:24
i would say,stay at home...watch tv,sleep a little bit and eat eat eat....now,dont think i am a fressmachine^^ eat a little bit... do your homeworks or what else...i understand you...but today i go bbq with my lovely friends,it will be fun^^ lovely greetz,kitty*

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