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When I was in Thailand I got a mail from my parents: I´ve recieved a letter which says that I can also study pharmacy in Wuerzburg or Munich. I was jsut about to start my diving course in Thai adn couldn´t talk to my parents. So when I came home they told me that i can still chose what I want (except thats it is too late for Wuerzburg - I should have told that decision till 25th of march - but as I said I haven´t been at home and di´dn´t know that).

So what I have mainly done the first days at home was: calling people to get inforamtion about pharmacy, about the unis and so on. I think I give it a go, mainly because it´s a chance not many people get. It totally was a surprise for me and for my parents.


Yesterday I went snowboarding, I drove to the Fellhorn with 2 guys (didn´t really know them before - one guy is just living at my aunts´place and I visited her on Wednesday to see her baby (2 weeks old)).

They are both skiing, was quite good for me because they could pull me eveytime I was stucked. Yes, I have to practise a lot.... But it was okay, not many people there, the sun was shining, warm weather - just some areas were full of little hills (I hate them) and ice (hate that more), especially tha last part.


And last night I went out to Sulzberg (village 20 k´s away) - atmosfear (www.atmosfear-live.de) was playing, I know that band pretty much since they´ve started. Was allright- we have had better evenings but we´ve also had worse ones. And some people don´t know me anymore.... (because of my complexion they say). And I got pushed the whole evening. But it was still gud ! I jsut came home (but it´s early for us ! now it´s 2.30 am)

I have to get up tomorrow for mass (8.45) and we will have guests - my mum has birthday and I think soem people would like to see me as well.



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Jill Patane - 03.04.2006 11:54

Good to know that you are at home safe and that you have a little baby cousin. You must have had a wonderful time in Australia and you have achieved many things and broadened your outlook on life that others will never get the opportunity to do. Glad that all is great back home as well. Hope whatever you study will engross your mind and give you all the satisfaction you need. We have had a very bad cyclone here in Innisfail and we are slowly recovering form the damage. School is back now but in a week it will be Easter break for mid-semester. Alf and I will be travelling to England Ireland and Italy in 10 weeks time for our daughters wedding. We will not unfortunately be in Germany. Perhaps one day when I am retired if I have any energy left then. So best wishes to you and your loved ones. God Bless you all. Auf wedersein, Jill Patane

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