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Ach ich weiss nicht... Am allerallerliebsten würd ich ja wieder nach Neuseeland. Das würd meine Ma aber nie erlauben, aus mehreren Gründen... Grrr ich will da aba hin *schmoll*

Weiss grad gar nicht was ich machen soll... Hab n Ausbildungsplatz zur Veranstaktungakauffrau gefunden der sich suuuper anhört... Odre doch direkt Studieren?? Oder Au-Pair??? HELP!

Hier mal die Mail von der superlieben Familie aus Irland... (hab die Namen mal ge-x-t, is vielleicht besser...)
Hi xxxx

How are you? We hope you are very well.

We are a family from Ireland and have read your details on au pair world. We are interested in learning a little bit more about you and if you would like to become our new au pair...

Here is some information about us and where we live.

We are a family from a village called xxxx in the North of Ireland. It is quite quiet here, but we love it. It is a good place to bring up our three children. We have one daughter calledxxxx. She is six. Then we have two boys. xxxxis nearly five and xxxwill be three just before Christmas. My name is xxxxx(this is pronounced Gronya-it is a very old Irish name) and my husbands name is xxxx. xxxxand xxxx attend a local school from 9.10am-2.10pm. They catch the school bus from just around the corner from our home. xxxwill be starting a little playgroup in September.

The people here are very friendly. The village we live in has everything we need. There is a great park for walking or cycling, cafes, pubs, boutiques and a supermarket. It is also close to major towns and the city of Belfast is only 20 minutes away on the train. Belfast is a very vibrant city and there are lots of things to do. The shopping is great and in spring time it is good to visit the Botanic Gardens near the university. They are very beautiful. The children love to go there, especially when there is a festival on. Dublin is not really that far and if you wanted to go, there are regular buses and trains. I think it takes approx 1 hour and 20 minutes on the train.

Our daily life can be a bit busy, but fun with three children, especially when I am flying. I work with British Airways as a flight attendant, so can be away from home for a few days a week. The good thing is when I finish my working month I get a whole month at home with xxx and the children. This is really great and has worked well so far but, we need help with looking after our children when I am away and also around the home. It would be a good opportunity for you to travel and experience Ireland, as when I am at home for my month off, you could have extra days off to visit different places. Donegal up in the very north is a must, as the beaches are amazing. We often go there for a weekend.

You would obviously have your own bedroom and share a bathroom with the children (not at the same time of course!!!!). We have an extra television room if you wanted time on your own etc. We would very much hope you would become part of our family.

We think it would be a wonderful experience for our children to live with someone from a different country, so they can learn about other cultures and maybe even learn a little German!!!!!!

Maybe you could email us with some information about you and your family and life where you live in Germany, and if you would be interested in coming to live with us in Northern Ireland! We are looking for someone to come and live with us as soon as possible really. Would that suit you? If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Take care and best wishes

xxxxx& xxxx

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[Tb: ] - 28.07.2006 06:25
hi....ich bin gerade aupair in den usa....ich wuerde die familie von der du den brief hier hast nicht nehmen...klingt nach verdammt langen arbeitszeiten....ueberleg dir gut was du machen willst...also viel glueck noch

herzblut - 21.05.2006 18:40
also au-pair hört sich doch super an!!
und den traum haben viele, aber nur wenige können sich ihn erfüllen

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