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if your one walks away,

and your belly does feel just like the vortex of a blender,

the cortex of your soul may shrink to slender, and even slender.

leaving nothing and no one to blame,

and all stars fade into dark.

but youre not alone in the rain,

just stay strong, be on guard.

your love isnt gone,

though youre lost in free fall.

i imagine you floating slowly across,

with eyes that look warmly, tender and tall.

this still wasnt all,

and you just need to remember.

feed your inner flame,

take a deep breath, and start to dismember.

all the letters of your name,

i know youll get this done.

theres no real need for the frame,

try and begin right from the border.

lintu might be some kind of future,

if all the letters are put into in a different order.

fight one by one and rip them apart.

order and rearrange those letters to until,

but in the shape of a wonderful heart.

dont be afraif, ponder fortune and will

and relieve all the sorrow by shining sparks

countless in numbers, those will light up the dark.

ignite and receive, the warmth of your fire.

its your very own wonder, finally complete

and in all of a sudden, you realize that you dont need to seek.

your doubts were driven by fear, cause he never left.

didnt move from your side, its such an easy test.

everything will be good, youve just fooled yourself.

to leave is what lovers cant could, and never even possibly would.

love is one greater power of two,

thall bleach all cold black into white.

near to you, itll direct you right.

dont fear the dark night.

and please dont ever feel scared,

cause all evil will be easliy wiped.

dont be afraid to die,

there is no such thing like the hell.

youll rule and dive through, all endless skies,

once you both left your shells.

this purest of dreams, is real and can come true.

and even though i feel blue, im also really happy for you.

so thank you lintu.

thanks for this inspiration.

it makes me want to fight again, but with kindness and patience.


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