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Chapter: Notes about me

Hey Cutiiies :*
How are you :D
I'm so sorry that I didn't write the last days, but "Tagebuchland" had a problem :S
But it dosen't matter :D I'm going to write a text now :D

I'm 16 and very proud of me :)
Maybe it sounds arrogant, or something diffrent..but yes, I'm really proud.
I've done it. I've done it very well *.* 
I've lost 10kg and I look so pretty. I go out with a hot pans and I can wear a bikini shorty, because my legs aren't thick anymore.
Some boys look at me when I go past to them.
I love me and my new body now
And a boy who I met 2 months ago we are going to have a relationship. We are in love and he had kissed me last Saturday when he brought me home. But because of my dad, my boyfriend kissed me in the car, that I don't get in trouble.
He is so cute *.*
My next Chapter is about him.

In ♥ Cutiiie


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awtwahl [Tb: arnowa 2013] - 14.06.2013 15:57
bravo, bravo; tu as perdu dix kilo, superb, mais "le reste" est combien ? (LOL) Et on a combien de centimetre ?
1.68 ou 1.70 par exemple ?
BIENVENUE AUX TAGEBUCHLAND, all the best et trés
cordialement ar***no : OPIO, A.M. et Allemagne !

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