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shadows and mist

Where are you?


Still right here... For three years already, as it looks.


Has anything changed at all?


Funny question. But now as you ask, I think it has. I like to believe the location did change a little. And of course the ropes tightend up a lot. 

So what do you do, seeing that you don't step forward..?


I'm looking backwards, I guess. Sometimes I wonder, where those people did go I once used to respect, even love. And still I don't really care, since it's simply not possible.

I give in to those dreams, abandoning life.





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awtwahl [Tb: arnowa 2013] - 08.07.2012 20:06
mein kleiner kommentar landete auf dem 8.5.2012
also DEIN neuer 2-Monats-Turnus ! all right : ar***no

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